Taxes are collected from your citizens in your city every hour, and are set as a percentage of your maximum housing capacity. Taxes are needed to provide you with gold which is used mainly for research, hiring generals and trade. Having higher taxes will make your citizens unhappy, whilst having lower taxes will make citizens happier. The lower your citizen's happiness the less gold you will collect.

Tax RateEdit

Your tax rate will affect your gold income and your current population since the happier citizens are, the more that will stay in your city. Your citizen's happiness = 100 - tax rate + (theatre level * 2). As long as you don't need idle citizens for training your army you can raise your taxes in order to earn more gold.

Hourly gold rate = home capacity * happiness * tax rate

Optimal Tax RateEdit

DoA Taxes
The optimal tax rate is achieved when your happiness is equal to your tax rate, which is 50% plus the level of your theatre. It can be calculated as (100 + HappinesFromTheater) / 2. This gives you the best tax-to-citizen ration and make the most gold out of it assuming you do not need idle citizens.