Your citizens must have Homes to live in. Upgrading homes provides more living space, and increases your taxable Population.

Only troops consume your food resources, not your city population.

Game Tip: Build Houses to increase your Idle Population and your gold income from taxation.

Troops training requires not only resources but idle population. Once you have queued troops, your idle population will drop until that queue is finished. The Idle population required to queue those troops will once again be available to queue more!

NOTE: Don't go overboard on building Homes, 6 to 8 max is ideal. Youll want to save room for Garrisons to grow your army faster.

More Homes DOES NOT mean you have a higher capacity for troops. More Homes merely means you can support your Resource Buildings in he field, train larger queues of troops at a time, and receive more gold income from taxation.

Game Tip: If your idle population drops to zero when you're trying to train troops, temporarily set it your tax rate very low. This will immediately increase the idle population. Queue up your troop training, then set the tax rate back for optimal income. (See Theater.) The training will proceed without a problem.

You can have multiple Homes and Garrisons, but no other City buildings,, so once you have built each of the other buildings, the question is how to split the remainder between Homes and Garrisons. The number of Garrisons controls how many training queues you may have, so it comes down to how many different queues you want to juggle. One recommendation is to build six Homes and fill the rest of the city with Garrisons to minimize your training time and maximize power growth.


Level Food Lumber Metals Stone Time (Levitation Lev.0)
1 100 500 50 100 10s
2 200 1,000 100 200 20s
3 400 2,000 200 400 41s
4 800 4,000 400 800 1m 23s
5 1,600 8,000 800 1,600 2m 48s
6 3,200 16,000 1,600 3,200 5m 40s
7 6,400 32,000 3,200 6,400 11m 29s
8 12,800 64,000 6,400 12,800 23m 16s
9 25,600 128,000 12,800 25,600 47m 7s
10 51,200 256,000 25,600 51,200

1h 35m 25s

11 102,400 512,00 51,200 102,400 1h 40m 26s (Lev 9)
12 153,600 768,000 76,800 153,600 2h 5m 33s (Lev 9)

Note: When developing Levitation, "the craft of inverting gravity to improve construction efficiency", construction time will decrease by 10% with each level.


Level Population increase Power Boost
1 Raise your maximum Population by 100 10
2 Raise your maximum Population by 300 10
3 Raise your maximum Population by 600 20
4 Raise your maximum Population by 1,000 40
5 Raise your maximum Population by 1,500 80
6 Raise your maximum Population by 2,100 160
7 Raise your maximum Population by 2,800 320
8 Raise your maximum Population by 3,600 640
9 Raise your maximum Population by 4,500 1,280
10 Raise your maximum Population by 5,500 2,560
11 Raise your maximum Population by 7000.
12 Raise your maximum Population by 8200.